Visualization for Wildcat Tattoo Studio in Unreal Engine 5:

With just two reference photos as a guide, the Unreal Engine 5 was used to recreate the interior space of Wildcat Tattoo Studio. This visualization serves as a pre-construction preview, offering a virtual representation of the studio space before its physical realization.
The studio space was initially constructed in Cinema 4D and Blender, later imported into Unreal Engine 5. Once imported, all textures were applied, and lighting was set to enhance the visual appeal of the virtual environment.
This project served as a personal experiment, allowing me to explore various features in Unreal Engine 5 and delve deeper into the realms of texturing and lighting within the platform.

In addition, it allowed me to take a closer look at the export and render functions in UE5, as well as exploring the process of importing assets from Cinema 4D and Blender into the Unreal Engine.